The Space Apps universe produced 1,287 projects on 2016. Space Apps offers local and global awards. Solutions with intriguing and innovative insights and compelling storytelling rise to the top in the judging process. Global award winners receive an invitation to NASA to attend a rocket launch, as well as bragging rights among their peers and community. NASA executives will select the Global Award winners. 

Congratulations to our star solvers from Sydney on their out-of-this-world work!


Global Finalist

Made it to the Global Award Finals (Top 25)


Spacetrek is an open source, immersive Virtual Reality (VR) educational game that lets users explores and experience the earth, ISS, Mars and beyond ...

Global Nominee

Global Nomination

Serendipitous Stellar Occultations

Near Earth Objects (NEOs) are exceedingly difficult to find through conventional astronomy. With their small size and rapid movement ...

NASA's Kennedy Space Center Nominee

Selected by KSC as honorable project


Collect and develop geotagged information about local ties to space and aviation to incorporate within geo-based ...


Global Nominee

People's Choice Nominee

Drone Zones

Their solution is a javascript driven web app interface that helps disaster relief organisations coordinate the efforts of private UAV Drone pilots ...

Local Most Inspirational project



Help pastoralist communities around the world preserve their livelihood, by providing them access to information and resources ...

Local Most Creative Solution


Tung Twister

One of the biggest potential problems with asteroid mining is drill erosion. Mining of the fines (such as regolith), metals, and ice found ...



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