The followings are the workshops provided by our sponsors to help you up-skill and build more professional solutions. Please refer to our Agenda to find out about the times of the workshops.


Open Innovation and Ideation: How to build a winning solution

The session will be an interactive workshop, teaching participants to use techniques to narrow down the aspects of the challenge they want to work on, and come up with the effective, creative and innovative solution. Other than a whole lot of fun and games the agenda includes:

  • Impact Mapping

  • Event Storming

  • Pairing and Mobbing

  • Value Slicing


Creating Voice Experiences with Amazon Alexa Skills: From Idea to Testing

This session will walk you through how to build an Alexa skill, how to implement an intent, deploy to AWS Lambda, and how to register and test a skill. You’ll walk out of the session with knowledge of how to bring your idea to life with voice and Alexa skills.

Learning outcomes:
· Understand Alexa Skills building fundamentals
· Dive into Voice Design and Voice User-Interface
· How to build engaging voice experiences

Amazon Alexa will also be providing Echo’s as a prize for the winning team in the “Best use of Voice category”

Attendees can create a free Alexa developer account with the instructions below in preparation for the hackathon with the instructions below:
· Create an account.
· Sign in to the Alexa developer account using the same email for your account by going to this website:
· Sign up for an AWS account ( if you don’t already have one. Complete the verification steps for enabling an Amazon verified account, including payment details, profile info, and phone verification as applicable.

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Be Up And Running In Minutes:

The fastest way for developers to build, deploy, and scale containerised apps in the public cloud. 

OpenShift® Online is Red Hat's public cloud application deployment and hosting platform. Get on-demand access to OpenShift to build, deploy and manage scalable applications, operated and supported by Red Hat.


Engaging and enticing your audience with Canva presentations

Anyone who’s given a presentation knows how nerve-wracking it can be. Your voice can give out, your laptop can fail, and your left leg can shake uncontrollably. But with a bit of preparation and some beautifully designed slides, you can keep your audience entertained – and keep your nerves in check. Canva is a design tool used by non-designers and professionals alike, making it the perfect tool for you to quickly, easily and professionally bring your ideas to life.

You will leave this session with:

- Some basic design principles to make sure your presentation is looking it's best

- You'll learn how to structure your presentation to make it epic

- And gain an understanding of how the Canva Editor works