What is the NASA Space Apps Challenge?

For 48 hours, problem solvers from all over the world join NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge, one of the largest hackathons and part of NASA’s Open Innovation ProgramNASA Scientists write the yearly challenges, which are based on real problems they face daily. NASA is on a mission to foster innovation through a diversity of perspectives. Empowered by open data, global citizens collaborate with strangers, colleagues, and friends to solve perplexing challenges in new and unexpected ways -- from designing an interactive space glove to natural language processing to clean water mapping. Students, experts, engineers, makers, artists, storytellers -- Space Apps is for everyone! 

Our goal is to continue to develop the thriving tech community in Sydney by giving talented problem solvers an opportunity to showcase their skills for the greater good. This represents the core of NASA's Open Innovation Initiative

Join us on 2018 event to be a part of creating the next generation of space technology!


We welcome ALL passionate problem solvers to join our community of innovators. Participants from across the globe have already created thousands of open-source solutions together through code, data visualizations, hardware and design. 

NASA Open Innovation Initiative is a model for innovation. The ability to contribute towards solving meaningful challenges is the most important motivator for most participants in mass collaboration.

Our Special Guest Speaker - Event 2017

We had our special guest in our 2017 event, Caley Burke from NASA Kennedy Space Center, Florida who were on call with us to answer your questions regarding NASA Open Innovation Initiative 2017. 
Watch our recording here.

Burke Caley


Caley Burke

Flight Design (Trajectory) Analyst

NASA's Launch Services Program
NASA Kennedy Space Center, Florida