Event 2018


Event 2018

Our Special Guest Speaker

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Dr. Patricia A. Jacobberger,

Ph.D, Senior Advisor of the Earth Science Division of NASA's Science Mission Directorate. 


Patricia Jacobberger, Ph. D is Senior Advisor in NASA’s Earth Science Division. She has responsibility for the development and coordination of collaborations in Earth system science and observations, and leads NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge. Prior to joining NASA in 2010, she spent 25 years doing field research in Africa and working with satellite data as a scientist and educator for the Smithsonian Institution, followed by 6 years managing global change programs at the US Geological Survey. She has extensive teaching experience, and has served as a subject matter expert for The Discovery Channel and IMAX Films. She has published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers and popular articles, and is a recipient of the Eugene M. Shoemaker Award for Communications Excellence. Dr. Jacobberger received her Bachelor of Science in Geology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and her Ph.D in Earth and Planetary Sciences from Washington University in St. Louis.



GUEST SPEAKERLt Col Tucker “Cinco“ Hamilton!


GUEST SPEAKERLt Col Tucker “Cinco“ Hamilton!


Lt Col Tucker "Cinco" Hamilton is a Experimental Fighter Test Pilot for the United States Air Force. He is also the Director of the F-35 Integrated Test Force and Commander of the 461st Flight Test Squadron at Edwards Air Force Base, California. He directs an integrated team of over 1,000 active duty, government civilians, and contractors in the planning, execution and reporting of F-35 Developmental Testing. Cinco started his Air Force career as an operational F-15C pilot.  He supported multiple Red Flag Exercises and real world Operation Noble Eagle missions where he protected the President of the United States; at times escorting Air Force One. He then served as an Air Liaison Officer in Germany where he was the director of operations for a key command and control squadron. While serving in Germany he was hand-selected to be the initial cadre for the first  MC-12 squadron in Afghanistan; heralding in the Air Force's first tactical Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance aircraft. He served as the Chief Instructor for 200+ aircrew and accumulated over 400 combat hours directly supporting ground forces. After his time in the MC-12 he attended the USAF Test Pilot School (TPS) where he flew 30 different aircraft, wrote 38 technical reports, and took part in the first Automatic Air Collision Avoidance System testing.

Lt Col Hamilton has a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Colorado (’02), an M.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Tennessee (’09), and an M.S. in Flight Test Engineering from the USAF Test Pilot School (’12).


Copy of Event 2018

Copy of Event 2018


The Space Apps universe had 25,140 Participants in 69 countries. Space Apps offers local and global awards. Solutions with intriguing and innovative insights and compelling storytelling rise to the top in the judging process. Global award winners receive an invitation to NASA to attend a rocket launch, as well as bragging rights among their peers and community. NASA executives will select the Global Award winners. 

Congratulations to our star solvers from Sydney on their out-of-this-world work on 2017!

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Global Nominee

Sydney First Winners and Global Nominee


The 44th Move

GALAXIS is an open source, AI-driven web application that enables young children learning about space using simple conversational interaction ...


Global Nominee

Sydney Second Winners and Global Nominee



-KEN- A Virtual Reality tool, used to visualise and contextualise NASA Earth Science and Human Dimension data. ...


Global Nominee

Sydney Most Inspirational Project and Global Nominee


Space Settlers

MODULAR MARS HABITAT is a novel method of building using modular blocks made from local materials for Earth and Mars ...


Sydney Third Winners



PERSUNL is a Personalised Weather App for optimising your wellbeing ...



Friday 21th April


18:00 Arrival, registration, networking
18:30 Introduction to NASA Space Apps Sydney
19:00 Dr Jason Held talk about Space mission
19:30 Forming teams (Visit different Challenge Stations to find your interest)
20:00 Pitches time (People who know what they are going to work on, talk about their idea and tell what kind of skills they need for their team) 1 min each person
20:45 Team formation (Join the team you're interested in)
22:00 Drinks - end of event

Saturday 29th April

08:00  Registration/ Coffee/ Mingling
09:00  Opening Keynotes
09:30 Live chat with Caley Burke, Flight Design Analyst at NASA Kennedy Space Center
10:00  Space Mission workshop (Optional)
11:30   Virtual Reality workshop (Optional)
12:30   Lunch Break
13:00   Hack back on track
20:00  Dinner Break
20:30  Resume Hacking
23:59  Venue closes

Sunday 30th April

09:00 Coffee - Brief announcements
09:15  Resume Hacking
12:30  Lunch Break
13:00  Presentation workshop (Optional)
13:30  Start working on presentation preparation
16:00  Submission deadline, Begin uploading your projects, tech check for presentations
16:30  Pitch presentations
18:30  Awards/Closing Remarks
19:00  Celebration/ After Party, heading to the Pub

* Further information will be announced on the day of the event.


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Dr Jason Held

CEO of Saber Astronautics
PhD, Aerospace and Mechatronics, 2008, University of Sydney
BSc, Computer Science, 1993, Virginia Military Institute

Prior to founding Saber Astronautics, Dr. Held was a US Army Major and team leader for USSTRATCOM (formerly Space Command) and deployed internationally in support of military space missions. He was a lead instructor at the Interservice Space Fundamentals Course and an engineer at Army Space and Missile Command Battle Lab.He conducted flight software for the Wide Field Camera 3 of the Hubble Space Telescope and testing for the International Space Station. He also conducted testing for an invasive class II medical device. Dr. Held guest lectured for the IRS Space Station Design Workshop, University of New South Wales, and International Space University. He led a research expedition in the high Canadian Arctic and co-founded several groups such as the Delta-V SpaceHub Startup Accelerator and the University of Sydney space engineering laboratory.

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Emre Can Deniz

Director of Opaque Space, of Opaque Media Group

Emre Deniz has been working in Virtual Reality for the past four years, being one of the first developers in Australia to work on the HTC Vive as well as having worked as both lead game designer and artist on multiple projects in Virtual, Augmented and Mobile experiences. Emre has previously worked with international partners such as Microsoft, Google and Epic on projects such as the award winning Virtual Dementia Experience to the internationally recognized Earthlight. 

Emre currently is a Director at the newly established Opaque Space, working with partners such as HTC, Epic and NVIDIA to bring space-based VR experiences to both consumers as well as provide assets, systems and content for NASA laboratories working on virtual reality training for astronauts. He has been an active advocate for diversity, accessibility and ethical development in VR and regularly speaks at conferences and lectures on game design, community building and development in VR. 

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We wouldn't be able to run an event of this caliber without the help of some incredible sponsors. Helping us with everything from logistics and planning, to making connections, and sponsoring in kind to allow us to take the event to the next level, we're excited to be working alongside these amazing companies.


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